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Her skin

Her skin was smooth and pale, like a tree without leafs. It radiated in the bright sunlight, blinding me. So calm and forgiving, like the ocean. “Are you here?” she whispered, nearly breathless. I giggled like a 3-year-old on LSD,

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State of our youth Limerick

There once was a boy from over the hill, who could not sit a minute still The doctor could see, that it must be ADD So his mother’s got Ritalin on the bill

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Autofellatiosaurus – The Magical Dinosaur

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Art Showcase – #1

“COITUS REFLECTION” by Unknown Artist Knife on White Roadsign With its simple colors and raw lines, the artist likes to remind us of our animal nature. The basic instincts brought to form, mirroring our inner self. The pure white splattered

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Metflix Originals

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Tuesday Inspiration

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Wednesday inspiration

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