Yes, yes. The Autofellatiosaurus is an improved version of the dinosaur as we know it. Wouldn’t it be great, if – at least sometimes – we all were dinosaurs? Just wreck stuff we don’t like and eat others as we please? Certainly. But what about our self-induced sexual pleasures as humans? Dinosaurs are not able to beat their meat due to their lack of arms and hands. We came up with the ultimate solution:

The Autofellatiosaurus – A variant of dinosaur that is able to suck its own dick!


Also Disclaimer:

Nothing on this site has any relation to actually existing stuff. If it seems that way, it’s just a coincidence. Nothing is meant personally, since no actual persons we are referring to actually exist. It’s all just a fragment of our imagination, even you are. So please, by all means: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQnYmC4-_1c


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