This beautiful dialogue in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Dream and Destiny speak for the first time in years, after Dream sought out Destiny.

Destiny: I am Destiny. I am what must happen, will it or no. And I am your brother. If I could live your life for you, I would. But that is not within my power.

Dream: Life, Brother? A strange way of describing our existence. Is there naught else you can tell me?

Destiny: Nothing you would want to hear. She does not love you, and, truly, she never did. She will not change her mind, no matter how long nor how deeply you wish that this were the case. You will see her but one more time, long after all this is over, and the outcome of that meeting will not be satisfactory for either of you.

Dream: I did not wish to be told that.

Destiny: You asked me to tell you what you needed to know, not what you wished to hear. Well and all: While you are prince of those symbols and shapes that mean other than they seem, of metaphor and of allusion, my dominion is that which is, of actions and consequences and paths. But I can neither live your life for you, nor shoulder your responsibilities.


Dialogue as it appears in Sandman Issue #47.

Everyone in their right mind should read “Sandman”. And moreso, those in their wrong mind!


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