Her skin

Her skin was smooth and pale, like a tree without leafs. It radiated in the bright sunlight, blinding me. So calm and forgiving, like the ocean. “Are you here?” she whispered, nearly breathless. I giggled like a 3-year-old on LSD, saliva dripping out of my mouth. “Is anyone of us?” I replied. She smiled and I knew she could see through the thick layers of steel-concrete that covered my chest, like a tree without its protective layers of… uhm bark I guess. Her eyes, wet and blue, like the first morning light on an Sunday morning on the 22. of August in 1847. To specific? I know. I could not stop grinning, moving my sight up and down her beautiful body, while she removed layer after layer of her skin. It was so cool! So she stood in front of me, naked, skinless. Her shine was gone, nothing but flesh and blood, the real thing. I smiled, like a … uhm… I dunno. Like a cat. She smiled back with her toothless mouth. What a sight. I could not stop staring and the situation got really awkward, she was suddenly really ashamed as I stared into her soul. “Nothing but words dripping from my tongue” I tried to say, but my voice left me. Her dull green eyes widened. Did I say it out loud? I might never know. A warm, fuzzy cloud left my body. As she put her skin back on I felt a relieve, even her thick beard came back. She quietly whispered in my ear as she floated next to me. “Sir, are you ok?” Of course I was, oh my divine angel. The saliva on my mouth was dried up, creating a crystal glitter on my face, reflecting the sun. I never have felt more complete. I tried to tell her that I truly loved her, but as I opened my mouth only the most colorful rainbow burst out of me, covering me in warm, wet colors. She moved closer, helped me get up and rested my head on a pillow made of clouds. Sleepiness made its way through my flesh, but I was happy. Red and blue colors moved around me and I could hear an orchestra of trumpets in the sky. I floated above the ground and the earth rotated around me. I was the center of the universe. At the speed of light we both raced from star to star, igniting a fire that should burn for eternity. I felt my soul moving from my body, my time was coming. She leaned over me, ready to kiss me. Our lips touched as she suddenly was breathing her life into me. She tried to save me, I knew it. I pushed her away. “Do not sacrifice your beauty for me. I will not die, I am already dead!” As I slowly drifted away into nothingness I could hear her screaming at me “Don’t you die on me you son of a bitch!” The rest was darkness…



As I woke up in the hospital I had a massive headache. What happened last night? My mind was empty. Well, fuck it, it was a fun night out. I wonder what became of her and her skin…


No one has cat like refluxes like me

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