Little Man in the Boat – Marketing Agency

At Little Man in the Boat, we believe in transparency, first and foremost. Sometimes we like to hide in our boats, because, after all, we are the little man – but that doesn’t mean that our results can’t be all the more titillating!

Get stimulating results with our patented marketing platform called “the ferryman”, which delivers on our promise of premium marketing services at ancient toll road prices!

Let us take care of your every need, caress your corporate identity and lead you to a realm of ecstatic economic pleasure you thought unreachable.

Sometimes you’ll have an easy time finding us, sometimes you won’t. You’ll never be able to tell, but that’s just part of the fun, isn’t it? We love to rub your agenda just the right way, so you can achieve new spheric heights of fulfillment.

Of course, we offer everything from afternoon delights like subtle tweets and hot ravishing postings to sensual ecstasy like infectious influencer campaigns and orgiastic rides on the midnight ferry to Pleasureville.

You won’t be able to hold yourself back, longing for us to show you our perky strategies and lusty advertorials, tailored to satisfy your every craving.

Contact our Head of Sensual Release and Acquisition Marvin Gay-e today, to learn more about what the Little Man in the Boat can do for you!


Professional circus clown turned Liberal Arts major and anarchist.

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