Art Showcase – #1


“COITUS REFLECTION” by Unknown Artist
Knife on White Roadsign

With its simple colors and raw lines, the artist likes to remind us of our animal nature. The basic instincts brought to form, mirroring our inner self. The pure white splattered with crude words and dirt-like color shows us that although we like to see us humans as perfect beings, we still drive on reproduction of our kind. If you remove all the illusions in our mind, this is what is left: Simple Sex. The youthful approach to the basics of art, simple lines/clear messages, is nothing new but given a new form by this artist. The words “I was here” are a mystery for the viewer. Was he/she here? Where is he/she now? Was it a dream the artist woke up from, thinking “Sex! I was there”?  It will remain a secret. The choice of canvas, the road sign on an open street, is an interesting one. It seems the artist wanted to share his most important thought with the whole world. For all to see clearly see and reflect upon.


No one has cat like refluxes like me

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