The wild fire (true story)

15 years ago. Me and my cousin were hanging out together alot. One day, we got the great idea to go into the woods to secretly smoke a cigarette – we were kids and stupid too. As soon as we found a nice place for our plan, we lit a cigarette each. Talking shit, laughing and alot of coughing. We had fun and didn’t apprehend the danger of the situation. I was almost done with my cigarette, when it happened.

We hear a crackling sound from the trees above us. It continued until something fell out of the trees and hit the the ground like two meter from us, so hard that it made another crackling sound, but a different one.

‘A fucking squirrel!’, was both our reaction. Laying on the ground, twitching and squeeking, we could see the little guy was in pain. Probably several broken bones and internal bleeding. Not knowing what to do we silently watch him die, it didn’t take long.

No wild fire occurred that day.

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