Pros and Cons of Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding usually is frowned upon. One might ask, why? One might also not ask that question. We at autofellatiosaurus decided to finally ask this controversial question and we discovered some shit, man.

First of all, not asking the question at all might be a final-stage result of madness inflicted by the highly corrupt society we live in. Freedom of free speech and everything, yeah, exactly. If we’re free to express our opinions, how come noone ever tried to ask, why internal bleeding has to be a negative thing?

Well, check out those nice findings of our study, that we didn’t actually conduct:

  • One in five persons who suffered from internal bleeding in the last year said it felt amazing.
  • One in three persons claimed to have enjoyed internal bleeding at least once in their lives
  • Jesus probably had internal bleeding at some point
  • Someone once said: “Oh my, what a nice day to have internal bleeding!”


Need more proof? You’re not going to get it from us! Also, stay away from actually inflicting internal bleeding to anyone, not even yourself.


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