The Lisbon Breakup Wall

Today I visited the notorious Lisbon Breakup Wall in Alfama, Lisbon. It was absolutely mesmerizing. I witnessed four breakups in just under seven minutes. People from all over the world travel here to end their romatic relationships. Some of the couples have it all planned out beforehand, others surprise their unknowing partners. Naturally, the breakup scenes vary from an affirmative handshake to hysteric crying, violence and homicide.

This public display of emotions attracts lots of drama enthusiasts. Just in front of the wall dozens of rows of cinema seats have been placed and you can buy popcorn and soda. Mounted directly on the wall are various weapons that can be used by the newly singles for a small fee.

The reactions of the viewers is itself very interesting, so another viewing area has been built to watch the viewers of the original breakup scenes. These watchers of the viewers of the breakup scenes also tend to react in very interesting, different ways, what lead to yet another viewing area to watch those people. This goes on and on until a total of 195 different viewing areas, which take up a substantial amount of Lisbon. Every day, new viewing areas are opened and new ones get announcened. Live streams of all the viewing areas are available for no less than seven virgins per minute.

Unfortunately, all the actual events happening there are copyrighted by the Lisbon Police Department, so I am not allowed to share my experience with you. Entry fee was a very small cat. Opening hours are to be negotiated on site, I recommend bringing a few ounces of goat cheese.

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