Lisbon: A giant hole in the ground

After hours and hours of walking aimlessly through a dead city, the mind wanders. Even with a companion by my side, we realized more and more that the worst day is yet to come. Sunrays were scarce, so many stupid trees blocking the view. And black cats as well, on a Friday 13th! Three black cats forming a triangle and a fourth black cat walking underneath them, causing the top cat to fall and shatter into pieces. A fish died immediately. We chose to fill ourselves with port wine, to ease the pain. Then we walked into a giant hole in the ground, which was so deep, something about your mum maybe? At the bottom of the hole was a network of tunnels, frequented by some sort of giant snake. We hopped on the snake and wailed a little more, moving off into the tunnels.

I woke up a few hours later, alone, covered in my own filth. My arm was torn off, but that didn’t matter. The words on the wall next to me faded, the latin letters slowly shifting to cyrillian ones, back and forth. Those god damn Serbians again, they did it this time! I filed a formal complaint at the local zombie station, which resulted in partial death and mayhem.

It was about this time, the zombies actually started crying “AAAAAIIIDS…”.

Awesome city so far!

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