The people of Lisbon

Lisbon has people in it, like you wouldn’t believe. I saw at least ten individuals on a two hour walk today. May have been even hundreds or thousands, I got so overwhelmed after the first seven, it got all blurry. Wow. And I have been to some places, you know. I vaguely recall a pedestrian crosswalk in Tokyo where at least five (!) people per minute would cross the street. Again, could have been way more.

But, all that said, Lisbon is pretty much dead. A few zombies here and there, all the rest fled or died long ago. It’s fun! You can run around naked all the time, nobody cares, because nobody’s there! And since zombies have issues with sexuality, they won’t come near you if you’re naked. Instead of the usual “braaaaains”, all you hear is “eeeeeeew, gross”. But in Serbian, not in English. I don’t speak Portuguese or Serbian, that is a problem here. Suppose you would want to seduce a zombie, it’d be really hard without speaking the proper tongue.

The next entry may or may not be about tiles. Why would it be about tiles, that sounds extremely boring. Fuck you!

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