The horrors

A man woke up one morning to the sight of his wife being submerged into a giant blob of ooze. She was gone, he never saw her again. The blob went on it’s business, never to return again.

The man was devastated, not knowing how to cope with his loss. They were expecting a child, too. He started missing his shifts at work, losing all interest in the mundane, dull profanity that was his life.

After weeks have passed, the man started to get a clearer view of the world around him and himself as a part of it. He realized what a fool he had been, spending all his time at a workplace he unknowingly despised all along. To him it felt like a giant weight was lifted from his shoulders. Everything seemed so obvious now, the world was his oyster. As if it was the most natural thing to do, he started levitating above the ground. Only a few inches at first, but slowly rising up further into the air. He increased his speed, flying towards the sky, higher and higher.

He then collided with an aircraft at extremely high speed and got ripped to bits instantly. Pieces of him hurled through the sky, bits of brain here, flesh and blood there. A very alert viewer could have catched a glimpse of spleen quietly disappearing into the blue, while himself being splattered with lower intestine and pieces of liver. Bits of bones were shooting about like shrapnels, even killing a bird that should not have been there in the first place. Stupid bird. And the lungs, don’t get me started about the lungs, it was a disaster. Stuck on the windshield of the aircraft, the lungs blocked the view of the pilots. One shat his pants immediately, having never been exposed to that amount of fresh human lung in his life. The aircraft crashed, of course, leaving hundreds of families in agony over their lost loved ones.

Far away – yet perfectly aware of all this – the giant blob of ooze, laughing.


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One comment on “The horrors
  1. omnomnia says:

    What an asshole! Man, I hate the ooze!

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