“Cozy Shit Man” tv show proposal

“Cozy Shit Man” main title theme (audio only):

Cozy Shit Maaan to the rescue!

Annihilator of discomfort…

With his COZY SHIT!

Cozy Shit Maaan!

My green tea smells like gummy bears now. 

Thanks Cozy Shit Man, you really saved my otherwise crappy evening.

Drum solo with absurd bass line, saxophone freejazz fadeout

Cracking male voice of a teenager who already hit puberty:

“Everything in Cozy Shit Man’s apartment is so damn cozy, if you enter it, you just end up rubbing against everything and taking of all your clothes, constantly smiling and enjoying everything so much. It’s really dangerous actually, people forget to drink and eat in there and occasionally get overcomfortable, resulting in a tremendous loss of body weight. ‘How are you?’, Cozy Shit Man would ask. The replies range from ‘Not so good.’ to ‘OK, I guess.’, it’s really not a pretty thing to look at…”

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